missing my second home

I’ve been reading threads (read: snooping around) at peyups.com (where bright minds meet. Hehe love that!). I manage to find a sense of familiarity and comfort as I read about all things related to my beloved UP despite my physical separation from Diliman.

One thread that particularly strucked me was entitled “Things an Incoming UP Freshman Should Know”, a topic initiated by a then future UP student.

As I was once a wide-eyed freshman myself, I understand the anxiety and fear of being in an unfamiliar territory different from high school or whatever one may refer to as “home”. But if you ask me, no amount of notice can truly prepare a person for entering UPD. Aside from maybe knowing where SC, FC and AS are. Lol. :-)

Looking back, I was as clueless as the next freshman beside me when I first stepped into the university, perhaps even more. I wasn’t sure where PHAN was (I thought it was the building adjacent to one of the buildings in MassComm. Oo ang labo. Basta. haha), as well as FC and CAL. I missed the college orientation coz I was afraid I’d miss the first day of classes (dalawa kami ni Ayah). I went to Recto with my mom scouting for a book that turned out to be available in FC (soon, I learned the value of photocopied readings). I found the campus TOO HUGE, naive of where FA, Romulo Hall and other far-flung buildings were (later on, everything felt closer and more familiar). I owned a conservative set of clothes (believe It or not. Lol). I used to immediately rush home after class. I felt completely irrelevant. Heck, I even cried during the first few weeks. Haha

So I think that forewarning a freshman of what’s in store for him in the future robs him of the very essence of what being in UP (or whatever college/university for that matter) is all about—survival. Although a few tips wouldn’t hurt tulad ng hindi classroom at lalong hindi prof si TBA. :)

Given everything, I’d still be willing to live my life in the university exactly the way that I did. I grew in so many ways and learned more things than I could name (I wish I could elaborate on this. Haha kidding!) In fact, to one yearbook question asking about the most important thing I lost in CMC (College of MassComm), I answered “Innocence”. ;-)

But despite my status as an alumna, I still don’t feel like I’m in the position to give a blow-by-blow narration of the to do’s and not to do’s as a new isko/iska, and I’d rather not. But one thing I can guarantee—it wouldn’t be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. Definitely.

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tag game (15 facts)

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1. Each starts with ten (15 for me) random facts/habits about themselves.  
2. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their blog about their ten things and post these rules.  
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.  
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.  

(It took me a while to finish this entry. Aside from the obvious lack of time and energy, I also wanted to make sure that I give much though to what I’m about to write to make up for not updating my journal as often as before.)

Fact 1. My nickname, Kai, is correctly pronounced as “Kaye”. While I’ve gotten used to people calling me “Kay” (mostly by friends from college), the right way to say my nickname is actually with a long a. But I especially like it when my friends call me KP, which stands for my initials.  

Fact 2. I’m terrified of mannequins. I hate walking past mannequins whenever I look at store displays or when I step inside a store and realize that the person standing next to me is a non-living thing. Ack.  

Fact 3. I spent all of nursery with my yaya inside the class room, and I’d shamelessly bawl whenever I turn around and find out that she’s not there. After which, I stopped for an entire year and was tutored at home. Meaning, had I continued without that one year pause, I would’ve finished school last year.  

Fact 4. I used to be addicted to caffeine, so much that I can finish a whole jug whenever I had to pull an all-nighter during hell weeks in college. But it eventually took its toll on me as I as I was rushed to the ER due to hyperventilation because of too much caffeine intake and lack of sleep, I guess. Well, that and my then laptop broke down and I thought it was the end of the world for me. Lol.  

Fact  5. I once won request of the day in MTV Most Wanted. I asked for the song “Baby One More Time” (Britney Spears circa 2000) and  I received a really cool MTV goodie bag! :)  

Fact  6. I like math but I’m no good at it. I think I’m a little around average as compared to people who also have trouble in math. But I certainly struggle when pitted against those who live and breathe numbers.  

Fact  7. I’ve taken over several rooms at home. My clothes are in my mom’s room but I sleep in my lola’s room, which is also kinda like my room now coz most of my things are there. And I also have this other room that I like to call my receiving room, coz that’s where my friends and I hang out whenever they come over, also where I sleep sometimes when I’m too passed out to go upstairs to sleep in “my real room”.  

Fact  8. I have highly sensitive skin. I’ve problem with switching from one product to another so I’ve no choice but to stick with what I regularly use. I can’t use any form of body wash coz I get pimples all over my back. Neither could I apply anything with whitening substance from my neck up. Sharing lang, I use Perla for my face whenever I see a pimple coming up and it dries up quicker than expected.

Fact  9. I’ve found my role model in Ivanka Trump, after years and years of having no one to look up to except my mom. I’m just blown away by her beauty but more so by her intelligence, confidence, and motivation.  

Fact  10.
I’m a true blue lolo’s girl. I’d like to believe that I was the favorite apo of both my lolo’s, when they were both still alive, being the first apo in my dad’s side of the family and being the only apo who lived with Papa, my lolo from my mom’s side. I hate how they’re no longer around to see how much I’ve changed. Just like they weren’t there during my eighteenth birthday, my college graduation, or even during those days when all I needed was a hug from my lolo or Papa to make me feel better. :(

Fact  11. I often use the words possibly, seemingly, especially, and seriously.

Fact  12. I’m very patient but I get easily annoyed by the ff: people who raid my bag or beauty kit without asking, people who cross the street as if walking inside their house, people who know nothing but complain, finding a wire hanger in my closet, waking up and not finding anything good to eat, ruining newly polished nails, sucky DSL connections, rowdy kids at church, manila traffic, etc. etc.   

Fact  13.
As a kid, I became a fan of WWF (I used to collect wrestling figures), Sweet Valley, Aranxa Sanchez-Vicario, Martina Hingis, Spice Girls, Melissa Joan Hart, Alicia Silverstone, Doogie Houser, Julie Andrews, and Manilyn Reynes. Haha  

Fact  14.
I’m more athletic than I seem. Although I’m not exactly good at any particular sport, I manage to perform well in whatever physical activity I’ve tried out so far—volleyball, tennis, table tennis, sports climbing, bowling, and swimming. And I look forward to learning how to play basketball, soccer and boxing. :)

Fact  15. I hate my feet.

another first entry

I have no legal access to YM or online networking sites while I’m at work, which is where I am on most days (plus the fact that I’ve barely enough energy to use the Internet by the time I get home. boo). So this site is the only way for me to maintain my online existence before I’d be mistaken for being virtually dead. lol.

Tumblr’s actually pretty cool except that it doesn’t allow private posting, let alone comments. But it works fine for me so I’m here to encourage YOU to sign up for one of these too. :) Seriously. You can sign up for a disqus or a permalink account to allow people to add comments to yours posts. However, I’d like to keep mine this way. Post lang ako ng post. Haha

Might just add a chatbox once I get the hang of it.